On the Carousel

A synopsis of the next e-book by JR Alexander


At the beginning of the 1980s, a recent graduate – Adam Gough – takes up a post in London with a firm of economic consultants.  His colleagues are a mix of characters – the intelligent, the diligent, the vacuous, the bombastic, the spiteful, the useless.  (Every one of the predictions of one of them – the Chief Economist, a media darling – turns out to be spectacularly incorrect).  Adam thrives in this environment, progressing through the company’s hierarchy and up the property ladder.

On the Carousel is the story of a young man’s journey through the decade – against the background of Thatcherism and Madonna and Cabbage Patch Dolls – as he enjoys the benefits of success, but then starts to re-assess his values and priorities.

And Adam Gough’s choice as his “hero” of the decade – revealed at the end of the story – is an unpredictable surprise.

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